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Modeling and rigging

The creation of an animated cartoon is a very complex process that consists of many stages. One of the stages is the creation of various models (characters, objects, locations), as well as setting up these models.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Character creation is perhaps the most crucial moment, because he must convey emotions! Rigging involves adjusting the character's bone skeleton almost like a living being. In addition to bones, there are also joints so that the character can move.

When everything is ready, then our character becomes like a kind of puppet that can be controlled! The control process is the very animation. Animation is already a separate art that requires a lot of experience and painstaking work!

In addition to creating a bone skeleton that will help our hero move, it is necessary to make facial morphs so that the character can convey all the necessary emotions.

Production of cartoons, models and turnkey rig setup

Having accumulated vast experience in creating our projects, we will be happy to bring any of your projects to life! Contact us if you want to discuss your project:

Examples of our cartoons:

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