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Recording character animation using the Neuron Mocap suit

Modern technologies make life easier for animators, partially performing some tasks. Recording movements using a variety of Mocap systems come to the rescue when a character needs to convey movements that a person can repeat.

Mocap systems are equipped with a variety of sensors that record the animation of the actor. Further, these movements, after certain processing, are applied to the 3D character.

In the work on our cartoons, we use Neuron's Mocap system. This suit is able to record the movements of the actor taking into account the animation of the fingers, which is very convenient when working and saves time on animation of the hands.

Of course, animation recorded on Mocap systems does not replace the animator. After recording, it is necessary to refine and clean the recorded animation tracks, taking into account the characteristics of the character, because the character may have arms or legs disproportionate to the human body, etc.

If you need to record character animation using the Neuron Mocap system - contact us!

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Examples of our cartoons:

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